Master Your Kitchen with this All-in-One Cutting Board

Master Your Kitchen with this All-in-One Cutting Board

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Probably the Last Cutting Board You’ll Ever Buy

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The built-in groove prevents run-off, so that there’s no unnecessary mess in your kitchen.

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Special aluminum surface helps to defrost meat faster than regular room-temperature defrosting.

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Every meal needs garlic. With the built-in grater, you can prep your meals faster and easier.

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Quick-sharpen your knives, right on the board. For cleaner cuts, like a real chef.

For Today’s Chef

For Today’s Chef

Old school cutting boards get old school results. You want something that looks good, saves time, adds convenience, and is a pleasure to use. That’s why we made the MATSATO cutting board for you, the Modern Chef!

Get -70% Discount

Master of the Kitchen, Meet Your Secret Weapon

Decide What to Cook on the Fly

For meat lovers (and veggie fans too): the Matsato cutting board's temperature-regulated surface thaws fast, so you don’t have to plan dinner far in advance.

Safely Grate Garlic in Seconds

Garlic is undeniably delicious. It makes meals go from meh to MAGIC! But let's face it, prepping garlic is a chore, and cleaning a garlic press is even worse. But with a built-in garlic grater, your life will change – fast, easy and dishwasher-friendly.

Sharp Knives for the Sharp Chef

We already know you look sharp – but how about your knives? Stop digging around your drawers and sharpen your knife with the Matsato board. It will only take a moment, and its non-slip rim will help you work fast, safely.

Upgrade Your Every Day. In Every Way.

Details Matter

Details Matter

You're a home-kitchen pro who appreciates sophisticated tools. Our MATSATO Board delivers with its space-saving 4-in-1 design, yet large enough for big meal prep. It doesn’t just look sleek; it's also more hygienic, thanks to built-in grooves that prevent run-off.

Get -70% Discount


Is the Matsato Cutting Board easy to clean?

Absolutely! The Matsato Cutting Board is dishwasher-safe. Even when washing by hand, the board cleans easily, as the silicone rim and back are non-stick, and the aluminum alloy front provides more slip than wooden boards. The board also features a built-in groove than prevents messy drip and run-off, meaning less cleaning.

How does the Matsato Cutting Board help defrost ingredients?

The Matsato Cutting Board is made of aluminum alloy, which is a material that's efficient in conducting heat. While the thawing time depends on the thickness of the ingredient, when placed on such a surface, ingredients thaw 3 times faster than when simply left to thaw at room temperature. We recommend occasionally flipping larger ingredients.

Can I use the Matsato Cutting Board with knives other than the Matsato knife?

Yes, the integrated sharpener is designed to sharpen not only the Matsato knife but also any other knife you may have.

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